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Jack Covert Selects - Producing Prosperity

By 800-CEO-READ, published November 9, 2012, at 3:42 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Producing Prosperity: Why America Needs a Manufacturing Renaissance by Gary P. Pisano & Willy C. Shih, Harvard Business Review Press, 192 pages, $27.

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Jack Covert Selects - Fearless at Work

By 800-CEO-READ, published November 9, 2012, at 3:35 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Fearless at Work: Timeless Teachings for Awakening Confidence, Resilience, and Creativity in the Face of Life’s Demands by Michael Carroll, Shambhala Publications, 240 pages, $16. 95, Paperback, November 2012, ISBN 9781590309148 I recently told Andrew Hill of The Financial Times that business books, in their core and their soul (if you’ll permit me that anthropomorphism), are self-help books where people go to make their company better, their job better, themselves better. Sometimes that sort of enlightenment comes indirectly, from books on strategy or a compelling biography that deepen your understanding through stories of success.

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Dare, Dream, Do

By 800-CEO-READ, published July 10, 2012, at 8:36 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

There are many books about following your passion currently on the market, but few deeply address the idea of figuring out what one's passion might be. Even in my own conversations with people about what they want to do when they grow up, there's often uncertainty as to what that might be; even the direction it might be in. Whitney Johnson's new book, Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream does address this idea.

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The New How

By 800-CEO-READ, published December 1, 2010, at 9:18 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Is, actually, not so new. The book, beautifully penned by Ms. Nilofer Merchant, published last January, and got all sorts of attention.


Big Ideas

By 800-CEO-READ, published August 6, 2004, at 8:13 PM – Filed under: Personal Development & Human Behavior

Most business books bug me. And not because I dont like business books, but in fact the very opposite. Speak of me as one that loved not wisely but too well.


Powell on Business Books

By 800-CEO-READ, published April 16, 2004, at 2:54 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

Michael Powell is the founder of Portland-based Powells Books. His flagship store is over a block long and offers over a million titles. He introduced a simple idea - offer used books next to new books.


About 800-CEO-READ's Blog

By 800-CEO-READ, published April 15, 2004, at 9:44 PM – Filed under: The Company

This is the company blog for 800-CEO-READ. Our idea here is to give you an unparalleled resource for business books. We are going feature reviews by Jack Covert.


Jack Covert Selects - The Maverick and His Machine

By 800-CEO-READ, published April 23, 2003, at 3:43 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

The Maverick and His Machine by Kevin Maney, John Wiley and Sons, 500 Pages, $29. 95 Hardcover, April 2003, ISBN 0471414638 I love business success stories, and have read some very good ones. Not surprisingly, many of them are about IBM, like the Lou Gertsner book (Who Says Elephants Cant Dance?