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If They Give You Lined Paper...

By 800-CEO-READ, published July 30, 2007, at 8:57 PM in Staff Picks

I like books about writing and language. Could be the technical writer in me. Or the linguist.

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45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy

By 800-CEO-READ, published July 11, 2007, at 1:15 PM in Staff Picks

Recently I paged through 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy: And How to Avoid Them by Anita Bruzzese, author of the column "On the Job. " Most of the items in this book were common sense: Telling Dirty Jokes and Cussing on the Job; Having Poor Writing and Spelling Skills; Wearing the Wrong Thing to Work; Gossiping; Failing to Learn from Mistakes. Here are a few I wasn't expecting: 17.

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A "Weird Idea that Works"

By 800-CEO-READ, published July 10, 2007, at 1:00 PM in Staff Picks

This brief excerpt reminded me quite a bit of the discussions we have here at 800-CEO-READ. (From Chapter 8 of Weird Ideas that Work by Robert I. Sutton) Find Some Happy People and Get Them to Fight (Weird Idea #5) If you want innovation, you need happy warriors, upbeat people who know the right way to fight.


Bridging the Generational Divide

By 800-CEO-READ, published May 29, 2007, at 5:56 PM in News & Opinion

The author of Motivating The "What's In It For Me? " Workforce, Cam Marston, offered us the essay below for our web site. (It reminds me of this essay by Anna Quindlen and this blog entry by our very own Kate.


Books From The Pile - May 2007

By 800-CEO-READ, published May 15, 2007, at 3:32 PM in News & Opinion

We get a lot of books here at 800-CEO-READ. I would bet it is about 100 titles a month. They all end up in Jack's office and about once a month we have to clean the place up.


Audio Elsewhere

By 800-CEO-READ, published May 9, 2007, at 2:42 PM in News & Opinion

There is great business audio all over the net. Here are just a few places to supplement your media diet: Lisa Haneberg has been doing her Fireside Chats for some time. Some of hers include Peter Georgescu(The Source of Success), Lee Froschheiser (Vital Factors), and Marcus Buckingham (Go Put Your Strengths To Work).


What Podcasts People Are Listening To

By 800-CEO-READ, published May 8, 2007, at 1:58 PM in News & Opinion

Here is a little peak into what people are listening to on our Podcasts blog. This is a ranked list for the first four months of 2007.


Authors visiting Google

By 800-CEO-READ, published May 8, 2007, at 1:55 PM in News & Opinion

Google has been bringing authors in to speak for quite some time now. They recently shared the videos of the authors' visits from John McCain to Valentino Achack Deng. In the business arena, you'll find these folks and more: James Scurlock, Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders Chris Anderson, The Long Tail Max Barry, Company Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek So far there are 68 posted.


Can't Get Away and Zippy Reading

By 800-CEO-READ, published May 7, 2007, at 3:06 PM in News & Opinion

I was out of town for the past few days. I left the computer at home (a huge feat; ask my wife) and didn't bring any books with me. I thought I would decompress a bit and enjoy the time away.


Strength(s) Training

By 800-CEO-READ, published April 20, 2007, at 7:53 PM in News & Opinion

There are three books right now on the Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller list dealing with strengths development. Gallup hold a spot with their new StrengthsFinder 2. 0.


Can You Hear What David Allen Is Saying?

By 800-CEO-READ, published March 21, 2007, at 3:07 PM in News & Opinion

LifeClever has a list of 17 different interviews with Getting Things Done guru David Allen. You'll find 247 minutes of audio and over 21,000 words of text in the links provided—useful for novice and expert alike.


Other Strengths Books From Gallup

By 800-CEO-READ, published March 13, 2007, at 7:27 PM in News & Opinion

I talked last week about Strengths Finder 2. 0. I posted a short podcast I did with Tom Rath.