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Whole People

By 800-CEO-READ, published March 22, 2005, at 4:09 AM in News & Opinion

Do you remember when you had hobbies? Think about it. What did you like to do back when you were a pre-teenager?


Awlful lot of BS floating around

By 800-CEO-READ, published March 18, 2005, at 6:45 PM in News & Opinion

There seems to be alot of people talking about bullshit and business-speak. There are three books all taking on the topic. The first is Why Business People Speak Like Idiots: The Bullfighter's Guide by Brian Fugere, Chelsea Hardaway, and Jon Warshawsky.


Must Read: Blink

By 800-CEO-READ, published March 11, 2005, at 7:50 PM in News & Opinion

It may seem that I am backpeddling, but I decided everyone should read Blink. It is a starting point for the conversation about intuition and thin-slicing and decision-making. In every author interview I have done in the last two weeks, Blink has come up.


The 8th Habit Buzz

By 800-CEO-READ, published February 22, 2005, at 7:58 PM in News & Opinion

I realized the other day that we haven't talked much about Stephen Covey's latest work. I had a post the week the book launched, but we haven't done much since. I opened my ears and let Technorati go to work.


Changing Minds by Howard Gardner

By 800-CEO-READ, published February 22, 2005, at 2:53 PM in News & Opinion

I picked up Howard Gardners book Changing Minds with the hope that it contained some sure fire tricks for getting people to come around and see things my way. Unfortunately, there are no such tricks, but there are some helpful ideas. Howard Gardner begins the book by talking about theories of mind, how we acquire ideas, and how our minds change.


Blink, Blink, Blink

By 800-CEO-READ, published February 16, 2005, at 3:19 PM in News & Opinion

I have been watching what bloggers have to say about Blink. What is interesting is that this is one of those books that appeals to bloggers and a book they want to talk about and say they have read. I put a sampling of the chatter below the fold.


Get More Out of PowerPoint

By 800-CEO-READ, published February 15, 2005, at 8:25 PM in News & Opinion

I have been looking forward to Cliff Atkinson's book for a long time. In Beyond Bullet Points, Cliff writes about making Powerpoint a more valuable communication device. He told me the other day that it is really all about learning to tell great stories.


How to Read a Business Book

By 800-CEO-READ, published February 14, 2005, at 10:02 PM in News & Opinion

Bren at Slacker Manager create a marvelous post on How to Read A Business Book [disclosure - bren says nice things about us]. What I have always believed is that reading business books is an active process. You are learning.


More Gladwell

By 800-CEO-READ, published February 9, 2005, at 8:40 PM in News & Opinion

One of the things about Malcolm Gladwell books is that the subject matter is broad. That means he can be quoted in any media source. His latest interview is with ESPN.


BOOK REVIEW: Rules of the red rubber ball

By 800-CEO-READ, published February 9, 2005, at 12:54 AM in News & Opinion

Title: Rules of the red rubber ball Author: Kevin Carroll Tag-line: Find and sustain your life's work Pages: 95 Dog-ear score: 1:95 (1. 05%) Disclaimer: I hate it when a person who is not a fan of punk rock music reviews a punk rock CD unfavorably - they lack context. As such it should be noted that I'm not a fan of the touchy-feely, fist-in-the-air motivational stuff at the best of times, so I feel a bit like that reviewer here.


What You Can Learn from the Arts

By 800-CEO-READ, published February 4, 2005, at 9:46 PM in News & Opinion

I find that I am starting to be influenced by Evelyn Rodriguez. If you read here stuff regularly, you'll find each post is based on an idea she has been thinking about and all material she has run across in the last couple of weeks that relates to it. This is one of those posts.


What Bloggers Are Saying - 2/1/05

By 800-CEO-READ, published February 1, 2005, at 1:29 PM in News & Opinion

Curt at The Occupational Adventure finds The Meaning of Life. And BJ at The Start-up Chronicles thinks You Need to Be A Little Crazy.