June 19, 2015

Editor's Choice: This Week's Special Offers Are...

By: Ryan Schleicher @ 11:20 AM – Filed under: Big Ideas & New Perspectives

Two of this week's Special Offers (World Order and The Resilience Dividend) are pulled from J.P. Morgan Summer Reading List selections. We're proud to be the distribution arm of the reading program. The 50% discount for The Mobile Mind Shift expires Wednesday, June 24th at 4pm CT or while supplies last. 

World Order by Henry Kissinger, Penguin Press, 432 pages, 9/2014

Buy for 40% Off: Few people in the last century have been closer to the pulse of international politics than Henry Kissinger. The Nobel Peace Prize winner knows firsthand what lies behind recent international accords as well as the global discord that remains. World Order is his call for international harmony and is filled with details that draw from his experience as historian, statesman, observer and friend—an informative and thought-provoking analysis of the challenges ahead. 

The Resilience Dividend: Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong by Judith Rodin, PublicAffairs, 364 Pages, 11/2014

Buy for 37% Off: 
The strength of business leaders today can often be measured by their resilience—and the resilience of their organization, observes Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation. In The Resilience Dividend, she offers stories of businesses as well as communities that have faced catastrophic events—ranging from weather or disease to political or economic crises—and then persevered and come away even stronger. Here’s a fascinating look at what makes leadership enduring. 

The Mobile Mind Shift: Engineer Your Business to Win in the Mobile Moment by Ted Schadler, Josh Bernoff, Julie Ask, Groundswell Press, 257 pages, 6/2014

Buy for 50% Off: Mobile has reprogrammed your customers' brains. Your customers now turn to their smartphones for everything. What's tomorrow's weather? Is the flight on time? Where's the nearest store, and is this product cheaper there? Whatever the question, the answer is on the phone. This Pavlovian response is the mobile mind shift -- the expectation that I can get what I want, anytime, in my immediate context.