July 29, 2005

Excerpts: 25 Ways to Win with People - Part VII

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A Closing Word from John

All my life, Ive believed that anyone can learn to win with people. All it takes is a belief in people and a sincere desire to help them. I hope that after reading this book, you believe that too.

We also hope that you will embrace the practices Les and I have endeavored to teach. If you have already tried some of them out, then youve probably already discovered that they really do work. If you want to learn to master all of them, then heres how I suggest you proceed: put yourself on a twelve-week program for winning with people. After starting with you, select two of the practices and do them every day for an entire week. If you do that, you will go through a process where you will . . .
  1. Become conscious of how that winning way works,
  2. Learn the basics of how to do it,
  3. Practice it until you master it, and
  4. Begin to make it a habit.

You may not feel instantly comfortable doing some of them, but there isnt a single one you cant master. And of course, keep adding other practices that you learn on your own or from others. You can never learn too many ways to win with people.

Heres to your success: may you keep winning by helping others win.