January 21, 2005

Excerpts: Contagious Success - Part VII

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6. There Is Room to Grow
Even the highest-performing workgroups in our study could do better. In fact, the easiest, most efficient way to increase the overall performance of your company is to increase the performance of those groups already at the top by encouraging group members to speak the unspeakable, pass the ball to the right player, and practice respectful communication.
Ironically, rather than helping high-performing groups do better, companies often force them to do more with less. They say you did this so well with eight people that were going to cut you down to six. They tamper with these groups until they are no longer high performing.
Another way to increase overall performance is by moving average-performing workgroups into the high-performing category. By instituting a process for high and average-performing groups to collaborate on solving problems and overcoming barriers, you can increase the overall performance of your company.