January 10, 2005

Excerpts: High Impact Middle Management - Part II

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Ralph Stayer

Part One H.I.M.M.A Powerful Force for Executing Results
Chapter 1 High Impact Middle Management and the H.I.M.M. System
Chapter 2 How to Think Like a High Impact Middle Manager
Chapter 3 H.I.M.M. Power Partnership

Part Two Planning for ExecutionA Must for H.I.M.M. Leaders
Chapter 4 The H.I.M.M. Reality CheckMeasuring Current Performance
Chapter 5 Using the H.I.M.M. Playbook to Facilitate Peak Performance

Part Three H.I.M.M. for Day-to-Day Execution
Chapter 6 Mucky Muck ObstructionsNavigating the Corporate Obstacle Course
Chapter 7 H.I.M.M. Organizational AlignmentEnsuring the Department Delivers Results
Chapter 8 H.I.M.M. Leaders Are Unstoppable!Wiping Out Limitations to Results
Chapter 9 Using H.I.M.M. to Make the Most of Your Busy Day

Part Four H.I.M.M. Performance LeadershipEnsuring Team Members Excel in Execution
Chapter 10 Performance Management MythsWhat Not to Do
Chapter 11 Using H.I.M.M. Principles to Optimize Individual Performance
Chapter 12 H.I.M.M. CoachingHelping Others Achieve Breakthroughs

Part Five Honing Your Craft as a H.I.M.M. Leader
Chapter 13 H.I.M.M. CoachabilityHow to Reach Goals Faster and Better
Chapter 14 The H.I.M.M. SystemPutting It All Together for Maximum Managerial Flow


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