January 13, 2005

Excerpts: High Impact Middle Management - Part V

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Introduction (cont.)

Who Is a Middle Manager? Depending on the size of the company, middle managers may hold the title of vice president, director, or manager. Middle-management positions are responsible leadership posts typically two to seven layers below the president. They may have other supervisors or managers reporting to them and are responsible for managing at least one function within the company. Middle managers are not CEOs, but are high enough up the corporate ladder that they are expected to understand and take part in creating business plans, budgets, and other planning documents.

The Motivation for This Book

Middle managers have a more direct impact on business results than any other layer of an organization does; it is vital, therefore, that they receive the resources and development they need. Sadly, there are few books or training programs targeted to meet the unique needs of middle managers. This is unacceptable and a serious concern because businesses suffer when middle managers do not know what to do. As the glue that bonds corporate strategy to work productivity, middle managers can either enable or impede corporate accomplishment. Developed and perfected over many years, the observations, tools, and suggestions that make up the H.I.M.M. system have helped many middle managers do their jobs better. This book is one of the few that explains and illustrates successful middle-management practices and tools. Its goal is to share the H.I.M.M. system of management in a way that is clear and easy to implement. Middle managers who incorporate this system into their daily practices will receive a payoff of improved management skills, better results, and increased promotability. Implementing H.I.M.M. will enable you to enjoy your job more fully, see better results, and experience peak performance from yourself and your team.

How the Book Is Organized

This book offers a comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities that middle managers face in todays business climate. Each part addresses a dimension, or layer, of the middle managers job. Part 1 focuses on helping you to fully understand and appreciate your important role as middle manager. Part 2 offers techniques for planning and measuring results and performance. Part 3 looks at how structure and time can enable or hinder your success and defines practices that will help you improve your productivity. Performance optimization and leadership are at the heart of part 4. In part 5 you will learn how to fully utilize the techniques included in this book.

While the information in each chapter and part can be read and applied separately, you will find the techniques to be complementary and additive in nature. The more you try and use, the greater your results will be. Please enjoy the books chapters in the order that addresses your needs the best; however, I do recommend reading part 1 prior to other sections, as it explains the foundations and assumptions of the H.I.M.M. system.