March 3, 2005

Excerpts: Never Eat Alone - Part VII

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Make a Graceful Exit
How do you conclude a conversation? During meetings and social gatherings, Im often quite blunt. Ill mention something meaningful that was said in the course of our conversation and say, There are so many wonderful people here tonight; Id feel remiss ifI didnt at least try and get to know a few more of them. Would you excuse me for a second? People generally understand, and appreciate the honesty. Theres also always the drink option. Ill say: Im going to get another drink. Would you like one? If they say no, I dont have an obligation to come back. If they say yes, Ill be sure to enter into another conversation on my way to the bar. When I return with a drink, Ill say, I just ran into some people you should meet. Come on over.
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