October 13, 2005

Excerpts: Resonant Leadership - Part I

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Resonant Leadership
Resonant Leadership: Renewing Yourself and Connecting with Others Through Mindfulness, Hope, and Compassion by Richard E. Boyatzis, Annie McKee Harvard Business School Press - October 2005 286 Pages - 1591395631 You may know Annie and Richard from their previous book Primal Leadership, written with co-author, Daniel Goleman. Read on as Annie and Richard use their research to help make you a more resonant leader in Resonant Leadership. This excerpt starts with an appetizer which includes an introduction and description of the book annotated from the book. It continues with three of the book's exercises. Check out more exercises (exercises are included in the end of every chapter and in the end fo the book) and additional information on how to be a resonant leader in Annie and Richard's book.