January 31, 2005

Excerpts: Tell Me How I'm Doing - Part II

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The Experiment

"Hey there, you goin'?"
"Yeah, I'd better. I really don't have time, but if I don't go, he'll be on my case."
"Let's get a move on, or we'll be late."
Scott had forgotten about a meeting his boss had scheduled for the managers in his division that morning. He didn't want to go, because he had some things he needed to do. He really didn't have time for the meeting. In fact, he didn't have time for many things lately. The problem was that he had too many problems, both at work and at home.
Moments later his boss said, "Let's get started. We've got a guest coach and I want to give her as much time as I can. We're going to do something that may seem weird to some of you, but if you'll give our coach a chance, I'm sure you'll see how important her message is. I first heard her speak a couple of years ago, but it took a while for her message to sink in. Guess I'm a little slow on this subject."
Scott was thinking, If it took a while for you to get her message, what are we doing here? I've got a lot of things I could be doing right now.
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