October 4, 2005

Excerpts: The Source of Success - Part III

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Creativity Is More Than a Gift

In business, creativity isn’t a gift reserved for the guy in marketing communications with the earring, though he may have a head start on a certain kind of creativity. The sort I’m talking about here is a learned skill essential for everyone and every successful organization. I emphasize, it can be learned—even though creative insights aren’t automatically predictable, repeatable, or rational. What’s troubling, at first, is that these spontaneous insights are precisely what organizations need to survive now. You can learn to tap into your creativity again and again, but the creative act won’t let itself be analyzed into submission. Rational thought, alone, will let you knock on the door of what’s new, but it won’t open that door.

Still, there’s nothing occult or mystical about creativity. It’s an innate human capacity, available to all healthy human beings. It is a neurological process, which, though it is yet to be fully understood or explained in scientific, technical terms, can be harnessed and nurtured. As elusive as it may seem, it’s a skill available to all fully engaged, normal people.
This is an excerpt from The Source of Success: Five Enduring Principles at the Heart of Leadership by Peter Georgescu and David Dorsey