November 2, 2004

Jack Covert Selects: A comment and response

By: Jack @ 7:55 PM – Filed under: The Company

We received this comment yesterday on the Medici Effect intro:
How come almost all books that you review on your blog are from HBSP [Harvard Business School Press]? In fact even the top books that you recommend at is from HBSP. Is there any financial arrangement between 800CEOREAD.COM and HBSP that we as regular readers of this blog should be aware?
It was signed "Regular Reader".
Yeah, it looks that way doesn't it. That phenomenon is a function of timing
and is not a function of HBSP buying their way on to the blog. We have tons
of other publishers waiting in the wings.
Also, after you mentioned it I had Todd go back and take a look. Here is what he found for HBSP titles:
Of the Jack Covert Selects 2 of 34 in the last year. We have run 2 of the 6
books on the Excerpt blog. And entries over the last three months amount to
20 of 164 entries. 50% of those were from when Frans hosted the blog.
Another thing to consider is that authors and publishers need to want to be
on the blog. HBSP people seem to understand and want to participate in the