January 16, 2006

Jack Covert Selects:

By: Jack @ 5:20 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

I am currently reading a book that I am not sure will be reviewed as a Jack Covert Selects because the book is actually a murder mystery with a business favor. But I like the book a ton, in more ways than one. For one, the bloody thing weighs a ton, OK actually 2 lbs. But it feels like a ton considering I have been carrying it back and forth to home in work for the past two weeks. That is very unusual for me because I seldom take business books home. The book is also very unique because of its marketing plan. The author is giving the book away on the web. He has almost as many blogs as we do. His main blog is now one of my morning reads. He is also not interested in having the book published by a mainstream publisher. He has a special offer for a signed book when it is published in March. is about an entrepreneur who is a real character, he was arrested in the early 90s for hacking into banks' computers to show their vulnerability. After being released from jail, he started a consulting company and then created a company called in 1996 which went public during the go-go years. He is found dead in his office in 2003. The book is the story of the IPO and his life from a paper billionaire until the collapse of the bubble. If you are interested in a long, well written, fly-on-the-wall view of the growth and decline of a business with some remarkable characters, this book is for you.