January 16, 2008

Jack Covert Selects: In The Books: Most Notable Business Books 2007

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It's here!
Yesterday a pallet of boxes arrived at our office. We get pallets nearly every day, but this one was special: it contained copies of our first ever 800-CEO-READ review of the year in business books.
The publication is called In The Books: Most Notable Business Books of 2007. Our editorial team here at 800-CEO-READ, along with help from Erika Andersen, Dan Roam, and designer Joy Panos Stauber, compiled this annual of what we consider to be the year's most notable titles and trends in business book publishing. Check out the Table of Contents below to get an idea of what's covered.
We're extremely proud of this publication; it marks a big step for our growing business and the people here who make 800-CEO-READ such a fun place to work. We hope you'll see the spirit of our company throughout the piece.

Table of Contents
1 Jack and Todd's Year in Review
2 Our Mission
3 An Insider's Perspective
4 Why We Love Business Books
7 Book of the Year
8 Sales
9 Leadership
10 HR and Organizational Development
11 Entrepreneurship and Small Business
12 Finance and Economics
13 Advertising and Marketing
14 Globalization
15 Fables
16 Biographies and Memoirs
17 Personal Development
18 Innovation and Creativity
19 Industry
20 New Perspectives
22 800-CEO-READ Best Sellers
25 China Redux
28 We the Internet
30 Sustainability is Smart
32 Business is You
34 The Silent Revolution: A ChangeThis! Manifesto
38 InBubbleWrap: A Farewell Interview
Views, Reviews and Excerpts
41 Jack Covert Selects
44 The Value of a Good Story
46 Industry Books
48 In Their Own Words
53 On the Importance of Books
56 The Birth of a Book
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