May 7, 2004

Jack Covert Selects: Inspire! (Jack Covert Selects)

By: Jack @ 4:31 PM – Filed under: Leadership & Strategy, Personal Development & Human Behavior

This is my current Jack Covert Selects review Lance Secretan's book Inspire! Lets face it: its not easy to be inspired anymore, is it? Our daily lives have in the past three years greatly been influenced by fear, doubt and skepticism. We dont have too many leaders to look up to in this time of uncertainty. Great leaders do more than just influence and persuade: they inspire. But finding inspiration in todays world is more difficult than ever before. Lance Secretan suggests that we start by inspiring ourselves on a personal level, and allow it to spill over into the organizational structure. His book helps us understand how inspiration works and how we can learn to inspire ourselves and others. What makes this book different and applicable is the fact that it sidesteps conventional methods of leadership theories. It jumps right into a journey of finding ourselves with his model of Higher Ground Leadership. He builds his theory on three foundations that, according to him, great leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Washington and Gandhi have known about themselves. In short it involves knowing three thing: firstly, a clear understanding of your own destiny; your cause what will you stand for; and your calling how you will use your talents. Even though Lance Secretan is a well known motivational and self-improvement speaker, this book, aptly titled, focuses on inspiration and not motivation. The author states: This is a book that will help you regenerate your life, redefine your dreams, and infuse new passion into you very existence. Our capacity to inspire other depends on our own sense of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. When we are truly on purpose in our lives, our energy translates into an inspiring experience for ourselves and therefore for others. Inspire very much has to do with finding your path in life. And if and when we do that, we can focus on creating personal and work environments that are fulfilling and productive. Workplaces where we work with a passion, not out of fear. A workplace that will be the breeding place for even more inspirational ideas. So, it isnt easy to be inspired, but this book shows us that its achievable.