December 27, 2004

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Select--The Little Stuff Matters Most

By: Jack @ 3:32 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

The Little Stuff Matters Most: 50 Rules from 50 Years of Trying to Make a Living by Bernie Brillstein, Gotham, 208 Pages, $20.00 Hardcover, September 2004, ISBN 1592400795
In this delightful book Bernie Brillstein shares his stories of what he believes is important in making a living. It obviously worked for him; he's been a well-known and well-loved Hollywood producer for fifty years. What makes this book so different is that it's not rocket science. There is no magic cure here. It's just true, funny stories that convey common sense in surviving in the business world. And no one knows that better than the author himself who states:
"I want to make sure I've been absolutely clear about one thing: The Little Stuff Matters Most is not a book of secrets. There's no Zen, no art of, no formula, no mystical philosophy; there are not three rules, seven habits, or ten steps. There are no tedious worksheets or personal diaries to keep. No daily affirmations. No seminars to attend yet. You wont feel worse about yourself if you don't follow the program exactly because there is no program."
What there is rings true, and is at times very funny. Just have a look at a few Bernie-isms:
Know the difference between hot and good
Don't talk behind someone's back in front of them
Only doctors and hookers need pagers
Don't pet the snakes
Have an opinion, even if it's wrong
It's all lies, and that's the truth
When your time has come, success will find you
The stories suck you in right from the start. They're told vividly, yet succinctly. And they get to the point. Just like Brillstein, they make their point without apologies. It doesn't matter what industry you work in, this book is more than self-help. It's funny, poignant and utterly true!