August 15, 2005

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects: Bag the Elephant

By: Jack @ 7:32 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Bag the Elephant: How to Win & Keep BIG Customers by Steve Kaplan, Bard Press, 190 Pages, $19.95 Hardcover, August 2005, ISBN 1885167628
Steve Kaplan has written a book that is very near to my cold capitalist heart. I have been a believer in "bagging the elephant" for years--with limited success. Whats an "elephant?" It is a big client. This is the book that will teach you how to bag an elephant. The book is one of the most detailed "how to" sales books I have come across. To give an idea of my feeling for the book, once this book leaves my hands it will be on Aaron's (my sales guy) desk with the instruction to read it right away.
The book shows you that shoot high can be done but needs some preparation. Kaplan also helps by explaining the challenges of bagging the big one.
Here is what the author says about elephants:
"I've owned, managed, or consulted with more than 100 businessesfrom runaway winners to outright dogs. One thing the winners have in common is that they all remember the exact moment they knew they had made it big. In nearly every case, that moment came when they "bagged their first elephant"won their first customer big enough to provide the cash flow and profits they had long craved
Why do I call these giant companies "Elephants"? Because they are huge, slow-moving, ponderous, strong, slow to react, often loveable, sometimes stubbornand because they require enormous amounts of input, which, if you can make it your job to supply, can bring you great financial rewards. Elephants are also smart, sometimes dangerous, uniquely individual, and equipped with long memoriesall reasons for you to be super-cautious and respectful when dealing with them."

In my experience, Steve Kaplan really nails the process of getting the "big one" with this book. I genuinely believe I could have retired years ago if this book was written fifteen years ago. The book is loaded with important valuable down-to-earth advice. I haven't even mentioned that the book is loaded with fun four-color pictures; it has great graphics and fun stories. You can check out his website at to get a better idea of this book's offerings.