October 23, 2003

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Bang!

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Bang! Getting Your Message Heard in A Noisy World by Linda Kaplan Thaler, Robin Koval, Delia Marshall, Doubleday, 256 pages, $24.95, October 21, 2003, ISBN 0385508166
The world of marketing has always seemed like it was full of magic. Where do these adwizards come up with stuff? According to Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO of the group behind ads like a Kodak moment and AFLAC, great advertising campaigns come from a Big Bang. A Big Bang is an idea that often stems from an apparently random eventbut is often so outrageous that it bucks conventional wisdom and steals the spotlight, says Kaplan Thaler. So why does your business need a Big Bang? The authors say that:
A Big Bang is designed to make a brand explode onto the marketplace virtually overnightit cuts through the clutter and gets people to sit up and take noticebecause in a sea of sameness, an idea that is too different, too polarizing, and too illogical will not go unnoticedThey force you to have a point of view about themThey are the six-hundred-pound gorilla in the room.
Since people see over three thousand messages everyday, it is important to be different enough to get your message through. The key is to break convention and embrace the idea that the most illogical course of action is of the most logical thing to do.
The authors of this book take you through their lives and careers by high lighting times when a Big Bang worked for them in unexpected ways in and out of advertising. They discuss theyre creative approach to office life and how theyve created a cauldron of activity. In 256 pages they manage to explain what a good idea is, how to create one, and where it can be applied. This is a good resource for creating an idea-generating environment that will be more productive and will improve morale at the same time.