April 25, 2005

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects--Become Who You Were Born to be

By: Jack @ 3:19 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Become Who You Were Born to be by Brian Souza, Paragon Holdings, 290 Pages, $19.95 Hardcover, March 2005, ISBN 0975352202 As I am sure you all know, I get lots of books and it seems more and more good books are being self published. Seth Godin published Purple Cow and sold tons before Portfolio brought out the book we all know and love. I have a built-in bias against self published books, but I expect if I continue to get books like this, my bias will evaporate over time. This is about the best packaged self published book I have seen since Seths. No milk carton but it is a well written and very professionally designed book. The subject of the book is time tested, and written about often before. But this book takes a unique perspective. Usually books like these are either motivational or spiritually driven. Souza has quite a different take on the matter. As he state: Just as musicians must make music, poets must write, and artists must paint, we all have a unique gift designed for a specific vocation that will bring both meaning and purpose to our lives. True joy and happiness will continue to elude us until we use that gift to become who we were born to be. He breaks the process to find and utilize your talent into a five part process: 1. Discover it 2. Develop it 3. Appreciate it 4. Use it 5. Give it away The book is then broken down into those five sections with chapters relating to the specific process; each featuring people we all know. From Lance Armstrong to Mother Theresa. The author ties in these people's issues with the point he is making. The value of this book lies in the analysis and take-aways the author puts at the end of each of these chapters. This is a surprisingly well done book that has helped me tremendously, and could help you too. It will do more than motivate you; it will challenge you too. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE MONTHLY BOOK REVIEWS, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO JACK AT 800-CEO-READ.COM.