March 5, 2003

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Bringing Out the Best in Others!

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Bringing Out The Best in Others!: 3 Keys for Business Leaders, Educators, Coaches and Parents by Thomas K. Connellan, Bard Books, 190 Pages, $19.95 Hardcover, February 2003, ISBN 188516758X
This is a book that really gets to an issue that anybody in a leadership position needs to deal with: motivating an unmotivated employee/child/student. The author discovered the three keys that are common in 21 of the first 23 astronauts, 45 percent of the female world leaders between 1960 and 1999, 55 percent of the Supreme Court justices, 2/3 of the people listed in Whos Who and over half of the U.S. presidents. They are all first-borns. As the author states when it came to the differences between first-borns and the rest of the children in a family, there were three factors that stood above the rest. First-borns get more positive expectations, more responsibility, and more feedback. Expectations, responsibilities, and feedback are the three keys focused on in this book.
Tom Connellan is also the author of Inside the Magic Kingdom, which sold very well for us. Like that book, this new one is written in the form of a novel. In the book, a trainer has in his class a sales manager with under-performing sales people, a father with an under-performing daughter, a teacher trying to get the best out of his class, and an owner of a company trying to get a couple more points in his companies productivity. Its a very effective way of showing how the three key principles can be applied in the situations of different people.
Good business books almost always support part of the way you have always felt in your gut. But what makes a REALLY good business book is its ability to make you look at a familiar situation in a different way. This little treasure does just that.