November 1, 2000

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Building Bandwidth

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:01 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Building Brandwidth: Closing the Sale Online by Sergio Zyman and Scott Miller, HarperBusiness, 210 pages, $27.00 Hardcover, October 2000, ISBN 0066620600
Sergio Zyman, formerly the chief marketing officer of The Coca-Cola Company, has written a sequel to one of our bestsellers from last year, The End of Marketing as We Know it. He starts the book by stating the obvious: marketing has to worksell productto be successful. He then goes on to show that, in the past, Internet marketing did not proceed in this same fashion. Organizations were buying eyeballs and real estate, not product. Since the NASDAQ plummet of April this year, there has been a leveling off, and businesses are now desperately looking for ways of selling products and make a profit. Proof positive that the Internet world is still changing dramatically.
Factiod: Right now, there are more web sites online than people living in England, France, Germany, and Spain combined.
Talk about sites being elbow to elbow. Your competition is just one click away. Zyman asserts that as consumers get smarter, you need to market smarter. And, as your competition gets tougher, you need to market tougher. Building Brandwidth shows you how to do just that. These principles can apply to B2C, B2B and BAM (bricks and mortar) businesses. One of the things I believe is extremely rare and important about this book is that it deals with public relations as a key piece of a marketing strategy. He shows how PR can increase your success in the Internet world.
A lot of business books are written in a very academic (read: boring) style. His writing style is fun and easy to understand with tons of applicable examples. He uses bold typeface for important information and has an efficient summary at the end of each chapter. Zyman writes this book for the non-academic book reader who wants to apply what he/she learns quickly.