February 1, 2001

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Commanding Communications

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Commanding Communications: Navigating Emerging Trends in Telecommunications by Joseph Bonocore, John Wiley & Sons, 199 Pages, $29.95 Hardcover, January 2001, ISBN 0471388211
I love this book! Why? Because I love to learn, and I love to keep current on business trends and the changing culture. In the process of learning, however, I more often than not acquire just enough knowledge to be, as my wife says, dangerous. Not so with this book. What you will learn through reading Commanding Communications will bring you up to date with an industry that just may determine the future of business.
Bonocore has written a book that looks at an industry that is changing so much and so rapidly, I am surprised that he wrote a book, not a magazine article. He acknowledges this dilemma in the preface saying I was more determined to write a booknot a technical abstract or marketing tome or statistical survey, but a comprehensive and comprehensible bookthat would examine and interpret the explosive world of communications in a completely fresh and, hopefully, enlightening way. He does it. This is the book that I have been looking for that explains the new technology of wireless and wireline communications. This is the book that will explain acronyms like VOIPVoice Over Internet Protocol, and many more that you have heard, but didnt understand. Bonocore begins his tale with the breakup of the Bell System, and then follows the various telecommunication acts that opened the market to aggressive enterprises like MCI and McCaw. Then, he lays out the demolition-rebuilding process, defining the five building blocks to that process: 1) Voice Consolidation; 2) cable-telephony consolidation; 3) network integration; 4) content versus conduit; and 5) computing-communications integration.
If we want to be an learned participant in the future of telecommunications, this is the book that we all need to read so we can understand how this industry got to where it is now and what it will be like in three years.