September 20, 2003

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Double-Digit Growth

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Double-Digit Growth: How Great Companies Achieve ItNo Matter What by Michael Treacy, Portfolio, 288 Pages, $27.95 Price, September 2003, ISBN 1591840058
Michael Treacy co-wrote (with Fred Weirsema) The Discipline of Market Leaders, one of the more influential books of the last decade. It talked about the fact that many super successful companies did not try to be all things to their customersthey had the discipline to focus on price, selection or service. That book was published almost ten years ago and is still in print and selling well.
What set that book apart from many other business booksand what also sets Treacys new Double-Digit Growth apartis how the books are laid out. I dont mean the physical design of the book, but the linear thought processes that Treacy uses. His examples and the double-digit growth companies he presents all have similar guiding principles. He defines six key principles that these organizations use to define their approach to growth, enabling them to seize opportunities while minimizing risk. The six key principles are: Spread the Risk, Take Small Bites, Guarantee Top Value, Balance Your Strategies, Focus on Growth Capabilities, and Manage for Growth. In addition to the six principles, Treacy also provides five growth disciplines. The book uses the five disciplines as chapter headings, and each chapter is loaded with real, relevant, and useful examples.
This is one of the most comprehensive guides to how to grow your organizationwhether its a large company or a small business. I really like Double-Digit Growth. With all the lessons and information it supplies, its truly a valuable resource!