December 29, 2000

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - eLeadership

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eLeadership: Proven Techniques for Creating an Environment of Speed and Flexibility in the Digital Economy by Susan Annunzio, The Free Press, 240 Pages, $25.00 Hardcover, December 2000, ISBN 0743204387
The Free Press is the publisher of some of the seminal business books of the twentieth century. Despite this reputation, the one complaint I might muster up about Free Press is that they can get a little, how can I say this, dry. From the first page of this book you will be assured that dry is not an adjective you will use when recommending this book to your colleagues. The author has written a breezy, completely understandable, and entirely convincing book about leading in this new technological world that seems to have snuck up on us older folks while we were busy paying the mortgage and putting the kids through school.
This is how the author herself puts it: This book is designed primarily for those of you who lead traditional American businesses. My goal is to prove to you that the opportunity of a lifetime may be sitting right in front of you: the opportunity to transform your company into a player in the eRevolution while winning the hearts and minds of your workforce.
As an old guy who works with a great group people who are all close to half my age, I really valued her information about leading and motivating Babyboomer, Gen X, and Gen Y employees. What other business book have I told you about that does that? Annunzio makes extensive use of bulletpoints that add to the books efficiency and usability. Heres an example:
What distinguishes eLeadership:
Willingness to Learn and Relearn
Sense of Adventure
Then, each one of these points is thoroughly explained and examples are given. What really propels this book to the head of the class, however, is that the authors writing style is really special. She draws you in with her use of examples. The book is a great airplane book because you can pick it up, put it down and possibly change your life.