December 28, 2004

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects--Faith and Fortune

By: Jack @ 4:37 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Faith and Fortune: The Quiet Revolution That is Transforming Corporate America by Marc Gunther, Crown Business, 270 Pages, $25.00 Hardcover, November 2004, ISBN 1400048931 As I have said many times, I get lots of business books. They journey from the cardboard container they come in to my desk, and I go through these books to find potential reads. I continually cull the books, and this particular book has made the cut many times and I decided to give the book a shot one weekend. What a treat. The author is a senior writer at Fortune and in 2001 he wrote an article called God & Business: The Surprising Quest for Spiritual Renewal in the American Workplace. The issue ended up being the second biggest seller of the year. The premise is that there are a group of very successful businesses who are living and working within a highly moral and ethical set of standards while they are actually making money. This article was the start of his investigation on how people live and practice their values in the workplace, and he expands more on this issue in Faith and Fortune. A couple of things I especially like about the book is that the writing is very character driven. You get to know the people very well and this is not only interesting and informative, but inspiring as well. The businesses profiled are: Greyston Bakery and Hewlett Packard, Staples and Pepsi Cola, Amy Domini and Social Investing, Richardo Levy. Also a real treat is the final chapter called Where do we go from here? It talks about how many companies and entrepreneurs have found ways of giving back to the community. In this cantankerous world of layoffs and outsourcing, along with Chainsaw Al Dunlap and Neutron Jack, it is nice to get a view from the other side. This book teaches us that focusing on people and doing business ethically, and still making a profit can be done. Good stuff. BTW, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING THE FREE MONTHLY REVIEWS I DO, JUST EMAIL ME AT JACK AT 800CEOREAD DOT COM AND I'LL PUT YOU ON THE LIST.