July 19, 2004

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects: Guerrilla Travel Tactics

By: Jack @ 4:46 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Guerrilla Travel Tactics: Hundreds of Simple Strategies Guaranteed to Save Road Warriors Time and Money by Jay Conrad Levinson & Theo Brandt-Sarif, AMACOM, 270 Pages, $15.00 Paperback, June 2004, ISBN 0814471706 If you travel either for business or for pleasure, I have the perfect book for you. This book has given me countless ideas for making my next trip easier and less expensive. According to the authors, the key is to go guerilla: Guerilla travelers achieve conventional goals using unconventional means. This means youll get where you need toor where youve always wanted to visit, only now youll learn new ways of getting there, ways that can save you scads of money, avoid inconvenience, prevent frustration. The design of the book is about as perfect as possible. The chapters are very simple and straightforward and all the chapters are divided into subcategories which makes navigation of the book much easier, and helps to access the relevant information faster. Another feature which is super helpful is the numerous tips, with fast facts, as well as the Alerts which informs the novice traveler of inside information he/she might have been unaware of. If you are in a time crunch there is a summary at the end of the chapter, which is concise and comprehensive . On a personal note I am planning my first trip in some time outside the US this fall and my copy of this book already has post-it notes and Hi-Liter all over it. For example, I thought that sitting in an emergency row was smart because you have more leg room, but the book provided me with the website:; -a nifty web site that has details on all airline configurations and seating details - which pointed out that the seats dont fully recline and that the emergency seats have no under seat storage and sometimes they are chillier because of the door. I bet you didnt know that! The Appendices list every major and minor airline, hotel chain, travel consolidator, credit card company, and car rental agency. Each entry has the name, phone and website. So obviously this is the book to have when you start planning your trip, and to take along for the ride.