November 29, 2002

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Hire With Your Head

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Hire with Your Head: Using POWER Hiring to Build Great Companies by Lou Adler; John Wiley & Sons; Pages 334; $29.95; Hardcover; November 2002; 0471223298
If Impending Crisis helps you and your company identify how close you are to a hiring crisis and how to strategize a plan of attack, Hire with Your Head, now in a revised 2nd edition, will show you how to source, attract and select those hard-to-find best people. Adler advises us to take a systematic approach based on reason, not instinct, gut reaction, deadlines or impulsiveness (which, come on and admit, lots of companies, probably even yours, have done).
The first thing is to change your philosophy. Dont hire to fill a position; hire to bring the best person into your company. All of this starts with the correct interviewing techniques and assessment strategies. This person will not always be the candidate with the best resume. In Chapter 2, Adler tells us to look for success in a resume, not skills. Sound easy? Actually, according to Adler, it is. A good interview need only include 4 questions (4?!?). I wont spoil you by listing them here, but this entire book, in my opinion, is worth those 4 questions. And, even if you arent hiring now (but maybe you are thinking about streamlining your organization), this book can really help you determine the talent that you currently have in your organization. In other words, would you hire them each again? Very valuable stuff.
While interviewing has its own challenges, it is often assessing the candidate after her or she has left your office that is the toughest part. Adler offers ten factors that can help you process everything you heard and saw during an interview. Instead of choosing a candidate based on personality (will he or she fit into my organization) or schooling and experience, these ten factors will force you to step away from an impulsive decision, and instead, open the door to objectivity.
The terrific thing about this book is that it offers solutions to all different kinds of scenarios, including when you are hiring someone for a job that is newly created and you dont actually know what youll be requiring the person to do. Or, perhaps you need go back all the way to the beginning forget interviewing and assessing you need to figure out how to source the talent from the get-go. Adler will tell you that also. Really, there is fantastic information throughout this book, no matter which stage you are at in your search for talent. The layout is easy-to-read, concise, and can be processed in steps.
My advise (completely altruistic, of course)? Pick up a copy of Impending Crisis and Hire with your Head your companys future depends on it.