November 23, 2001

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Hoover's Vision

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Hoovers Vision: Original Thinking for Business Success By Gary Hoover, Texere Pub. 270 Pages, $26.95 Hardcover, October 2001, ISBN 1587990598
When I inaugurated Jack Covert Selects, I wanted to be the filter you could trust to separate the wheat from the chaff in the business book world. One thing that determines whether I will use a book for JCS is my comprehension of the thesis and its supporting argument, as well as my ability to tell you what the author is saying in just a couple hundred words. It was difficult with this book, but I wanted so much to be able to give you a good understanding of what Gary Hoover has to offer us as business people. I have known of Gary Hoover for many years and I am addicted to the website that bears his name, Hoovers Online, so when I got a chance to meet him at a booksellers convention, I was excited. Then, I got the galley of his new book and began reading it immediately. Andhave been reading it for the past two months. Why is it taking so long? Well, I found the book fascinating and just loaded with interesting stories and history, but I would pick up the book, read fifty pages, then have to put it down to give the ideas time to percolate and organize. I just couldnt get a handle on what he was trying to doI finally figured it out today.
Hoover, who at the age of twelve was reading Fortune, is passionate about successful organizations and believes that anyone can think like a CEO, inventor, or entrepreneur, if they train themselves to do it. Through stories and exercises, Hoover teaches how to nourish the traits that are at the heart of many breakthroughs in business and in lifecuriosity, clarity, passion, and panoramic vision. This book is geared for the entrepreneur or the individual who seeks to think bigger, broaderfor business and pleasure. It features "back-of-the-envelope" drawings, anecdotes, mind exercises, and practical advice from an expert. I think the part of the book that I especially enjoyed was the history lessons Hoover offers. He retells important historical events via his own clear and understandable perspective, thus showing how these events can apply today and in the future. Yes, this is the book that needs to be digested slowly. No, this is not fast food. But dont let that deter you. Have a bite.