March 7, 2001

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Imagination Engineering

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Imagination Engineering: Your Toolkit for Business Creativity by Brian Clegg and Paul Burch, Financial Times/Prentice Hall, 190 Pages, $21.00 Paperback, December 2000, ISBN 0273649299
I must start this JCS review of with a confession: I like this publisher. Yup, Im biased, but not afraid to admit it. Financial Times/Prentice Hall published a book last year that I really like called Funky Business. Sort of a European Tom Peters book. I thought it was neat. I also think that The Financial Times is the greatest business newspaper in the world. FT/PH seem to have developed a knack for putting out some interesting books and then spending the time to create really fun, or should I say, creative designs. Im not sure I get what creative designs are. Cover designs? Visuals in the book? Just creative ideas?
This book is a reprint of a book by the same name originally published in 1996.
Why do you think they decided to reprint it, or is a revision?
The authors have designed the book with some fun and informative parts. Along the outside of the pages the authors leave space for you to make notes and they also have nine different icons for things like a book reference or an exercise which are also in that space. Each of the twelve chapters have, what the authors call, a Tale Piece. They say Each chapter of this book ends with a short work of fiction. This tale in a tail piece is multifunctional. Its there for funwhy notand to aid your creativity. A short burst of fiction will help you to think in different ways. More than that, the content has been chosen to illustrate creativity in different ways
In the introduction, the authors say that to be a real pioneerread person looking for creative solutionsyou need to have a sense humor. A light, flexible touch is needed to progress. A sense of wackiness is essential. The authors have written a book that matches those requirements. Its fun to read, quick to read and you can instant help when your are stuck. Some of the best selling books of all time in business are books on creativity. A Whack on the Side of the Head, Six Thinking Hats, and my favorite Thinkertoys have sold tons. This book could join that rank.