September 6, 2001

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Insights for the Journey

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Insights for the Journey: Navigating to Thrive, Enjoy, and Prosper in Senior Management by John Lucht, Viceroy Press, 98 Pages, $19.95 Hardcover, July 2001, ISBN 0942785312
I consider myself a fairly top-notch sales guy, but then I met John Lucht and realized I was kidding myself. This guy is a world-class, industrial-strength pro. John called me about 15 years ago to discuss a new book he has just written called Rites of Passage at $100,000 to $1 Million+. I immediately told him he was nuts to put such a high dollar amount in the title (considering what was going on in the economy 15 years ago), because it would isolate him from a large group of potential readers who might think the book was beyond their personal realm. He patiently listened to my point of view, then said he thought hed keep it on the cover, and that, ultimately, I needed to have this book in my store. To make a long story shortwhich as you may have noticed is almost impossible for mehis book is the #1 job changing book in the worldand has been for 15 years.
Fast forward to the present. John called me last week and said he had written a little book he wanted me to see: Insights for the Journey: Navigating to Thrive, Enjoy, and Prosper in Senior Management. .Again, Lucht has written a book that set its sights high senior management. This time I caught myself before telling him that he shouldnt be so specific with his audienceobviously John knows what hes doing. Of course when I received my copy, I immediately wished I had had the book a few years ago. For anybody working towards, just arriving at, or struggling as senior management, this book will become your primer.
The true beauty of this book is its brevity. There is not a wasted word. The book has 98 pages with over 50 chapters. Now, I know some of you are going to ask: Yeah, but is it 98 pages of frivolity? Can there really be anything worthwhile to be learned from 98 pages? Is this just another of those cheesy little books full of empowering quotations that I impulse-purchased at the cash register and gave to Aunt Mabel for a Christmas gift? No, I would describe this book as a book that may be cheese, but has some real meat in it. The 50 chapters deal with daily management issues, like being flexible, being a switch hitter--in a management sense, sharing glory. The writing style makes you feel like you are sitting at the knee of the mentor none of us have had, but wish we had, and even wish to be.
Now, here is an unprecedented offer from John Lucht and I: You call, email, fax and request a copy of the book, Ill send you one for FREE and you can see for yourself that this is the book you want your middle managers (even if that is you) to read. This offer (free book, free shipping) is limited to the first 100 people, so dont delay!