January 4, 2003

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Intuition at Work

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Intuition at Work: Why Developing Your Gut Instincts will make you Better at What You Do by Gary Klein, Ph.D., Currency/Doubleday, 320 Pages, $26.00 Hardcover, January 2003, ISBN 0385502885
Over the years, I have learned that, often when making decisions, my gut/intuition always plays a major role. Even when I am deliberately noting the pros and cons of a situation, even when doing all the research, still Ive a tendency to go with my gut. And, my gut tends to be right. (Of course, I always thought that it was because I was brilliant). Seriously, I thought it was a combination of luck and experience, but Gary Klein tells us it is more than that.
Klein, Ph.D., chairman and chief scientist of Klein Associates says that, yes, intuition is a function of experience, but it is learnable, or like an unused muscle that can be strengthened with exercises that he supplies. Klein has studied and worked with both the US Marines and firefighters, concluding that these people do not have the time to study a situation, come up with the correct decision, and then act. Instead, firefighters and Marines must trust their intuition.
Dr. Klein, much like our mothers about piano lessons, tells us that the key to maximizing our intuitive talents is practice, practice, practice. To assist, the author provides the reader with three-tiered course called Intuition Skills Training.
The book is designed with three sections: Intuition: Ways to Build It; Intuition: Ways to Apply It; and Intuition: Ways to Safeguard It. I found the last section just fascinating. He also discusses how you can communicate your intuitive decisions more effectively and how to develop metricsquantitative data to support them, which he says will teach you how to recognize and defend yourself against the negative effects of information technologies.
Finally, Kleins illustrative stories are some of the best I have read. They are real, understandable, readable and make complete sense. This is the book that will help you make that next big decision a little more effortlessly.