July 7, 2006

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects: Marketing Gurus & Fast Company's Greatest Hits

By: Jack @ 2:35 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

The Marketing Gurus: Lessons From the Best Marketing Books of All Time
By Chris Murray and the Editors of Soundview Executive Book Summaries, Portfolio, 304 pages, $24.95 hardcover, July 2006, ISBN 1591841054.
Fast Company's Greatest Hits: Ten Years of the Most Innovative Ideas in Business
By Jim Collins (Foreword), Mark Vamos, David Lidsky, Portfolio, 352 pages, $24.95 hardcover, July 2006, ISBN 1591841186.
This month there are two compilations due out. Here's an introduction to both.
The first is a collection of 17 marketing book summaries pulled together by Chris Murray and the Editors of Soundview Executive Book Summaries. The authors are well-known "Marketing Gurus" that include Jack Trout, Philip Kotler, and Guy Kawasaki. Inside the book are some of their best ideas which have helped marketing evolve to what it is today.
You'll start with Jack Trout's differentiation lessons. Then, in the middle, you'll learn how to network with the affluent, drive your competition crazy, and cross the chasm. The journey will finish with Sergio Zyman, the guy renowned for turning his marketing mistake (New Coke) into a success (Classic Coca-Cola).
The second compilation falls along the same lines as the former. The magazine "Fast Company" has been spreading innovative ideas for over ten years; these are the best of the best. They include Charles Fishman's critique of customer service, the story behind the creation of "Fast Company" and John McCain's search for courage. As the "Fast Company" Editor perfectly states, "Times change. The power of great ideas doesn't."
If you missed these gems in their original publications, here's a chance to catch up. Take advantage of it.
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