October 23, 2003

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Meaningful Marketing

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Meaningful Marketing: Selling More with Less Effort by Doug Hall with Jeffrey Stamp, Ph.D., Betterway Publications, 224 Pages, $24.99 Price, October 2003, ISBN 155870681X
I dont think I have ever started out one of my reviews by calling an author a crazy man. But, I am going to call Doug Hall a crazy man (crazy like a foxnot crazy like a loon)! A couple of years ago, I met Doug at a book convention where he was promoting his book Jump-Start Your Business Brain. He is one of the most dynamic and intense people I have ever met, known for his Eureka! Ranch, Doug is regarded as one of Americas Top Business Innovation Experts.
Now folks, I am not a fan of the word meaningful so when I saw the title of the manuscript, I was concerned. As usual, my initial reaction was wrong. Just look at the way he shows how meaningfulness is important in the business world:
Srully Blotnick documented the opportunity for significant personal profits from the pursuit of Meaningfulness. He studied the careers of 1,500 business school graduates from 1960 to 1980. At graduation, 1,245 of the students were categorized as being focused on making money. 255 of the graduates were focused on perusing something that was personally Meaningful to them. Twenty years later, there were 101 millionaires. One came from the first group. 100 from the second. Isnt that incredible?
Then, Hall goes on to apply meaningfulness to the field of marketing. One of the real treasures of this book is its lay out. The left side of the page is data-proven truth, distilled into a single sentence at the top of the page, he has 100 of them. On the right side of the page are practical ideas. I am talking about the kind of practical ideas that you will wear out at least two highlighters marking the points that apply to you. There are over 400 of them. For example: 103. Education Starts with Why should I listen to you? 104. The Second Question: Whats in it for me? 105. The Third question: Why should I believe you? The balance of the page provides an overview of the supporting research.
Folks this book is exactly what you are looking for when you need some ideas and you want to sell more with less investment of time, money and resources.