November 8, 2005

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects: More Space

By: Jack @ 4:37 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

More Space: Nine Antidotes to Complacency in Business forward by Seth Godin, edited by Todd Sattersten, Astronaut Projects, 160 Pages, $24.95 Paperback, November 2005, ISBN 097700483X
DISCLAIMER: Todd Sattersten, ace, right hand and co-pilot here at 8cr, is the editor for this book and his company Astronaut Projects published this book. I read parts of the book before it was published and have continued to read the book after it was been published. You wont find this book in your local bookstore. It is only available at 8cr and Amazon.
"More Space" is a collection of nine essays by nine authors. The title comes from what makes the book so much fun. The nine authors of these essays are bloggers. Get it? "More Space" is the place where they can expound upon their ideas. The authors include: Jory Des Jardins, Lisa Haneberg, Rob May, Johnnie Moore, Marc Orchant, Robert Paterson, Evelyn Rodriguez, Curt Rosengren, and Jeremy Wright. The common subject of "More Space" is complacency in business.
The variety of both topics and writing styles provides for a great read. I read the book cover to cover and love many of the articles. I especially liked Rob May's take on Why Business Matters. He quotes Drucker on profit and business:
A business that does not show a profit at least equal to its cost of capital is irresponsible; it wastes society's resources. Economic profit performance is the base without which business cannot discharge and other responsibilities cannot be a good employer, a good citizen, a good neighbor.

I, also, really enjoyed Jory Des Jardins' piece and have reread Johnnie Moore's and Jeremy Wright's articles. Some of the pieces are very prescriptive and others like Jory's and Jeremy's are short stories.
This book shows that there are some excellent writers in the blogosphere (a great place to obtain free, well-written pieces). "More Space" allows them to stretch their collective wings and fly. It's the really good stuff.
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