March 16, 2005

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Naked in the Boardroom: A CEO Bares Her Secrets so That You can Transform Your Career

By: Jack @ 3:42 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Naked in the Boardroom: A CEO Bares Her Secrets so That You can Transform Your Career by Robin Wolaner, Fireside Books, 200 Pages, $20.00 Hardcover, March 2005, ISBN 0743262271 This book has 81 "naked truths", and I originally just wanted to list these truths, because they're so spectacularly, well, true. But I decided against it, because I then wouldnt have had a chance to tell you about the interesting person who wrote the book with this provocative title: Robin Wolaner started as a copywriter at Penthouse, she founded Parenting Magazine, was a vice president at Time Warner and helped develop Martha Stewart Living. Now she tells people to: Naked Truth #12: Before worrying overly about your jobs lack of challengeand certainly before complaining about itconcentrate on delivering. Naked Truth #3: Dont meet with a male colleague in a hotel room or private residence. Intentions may be innocent, but s*it happens. Naked Truth #55: Just as you script the conversation with the person being fired, have a plan for immediate communication with the survivors: the people who report to, and worked with the departing person. Naked Truth #57: You know more than you think you do. Naked Truth #61: When in doubt about how to proceed, just rely on your good manners. You wouldnt spring an unwelcome surprise on a business partner; thats common courtesy. Naked Truth #65: Men try to protect pregnant employees and end up doing the opposite. Finally: Naked Truth #75: If an idea is a good one, more than one person will have it. Dont freak out! Consider it a marketplace validation of your concept. Win through superior execution. Its not about being first, but about lasting. Are you ready for more? All you have to do is buy the book and get the other 74 Truths. It truly is worth it. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SUBSCRIBING TO THE MONTHLY BOOK REVIEWS PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO JACK AT 800-CEO-READ.COM