November 2, 2000

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Pioneering Organizations

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Pioneering Organizations: The Convergence of Individualism, Teamwork and Leadership by Larry N. Davis, Executive Excellence Publishing, 260 Pages, $22.95 Hardcover, October 2000, ISBN 1890009849
During my tenure as a business book dude, one of the things that I have found hard to understand was how teamwork can enable a person to remain an individual. While I believe that people working together as a team can produce far better results than when people work alone, I also believe that people need to retain their individualism, both for themselves and the organization. Larry Davis has written a book about this dichotomy. He calls this convergent leadership and he offers six credos to obtain this state. (I have included these six credos below, since Davis says it so well).
I will create an organization that people see as a good place to work. I will dedicate myself to achieving commitment to our vision and earning the trust of our employees.
I will ensure that throughout the organization there is agreement about what we are doing, how we are doing it, and commitment to our plans.
I will assure that the organization supports individualism and honors the interests and purposes of every employee.
I will help develop teamwork in all directions within the organization, with our customers, our vendors, our communities, and our environment.
I will build a culture of communication and trust. Let it begin with me.
I will ensure that every process within the organization supports convergence, individual expression, and teamwork in all meetings and interactions.
In the book, he spends about 20 pages explaining and supporting each credo. The first half of the book presents the authors principles behind his beliefs. The second half of the book is an extensive how to section, full of charts, maps, navigational tools, processes, and examples you can use to fulfill the books promise. This book has a real possibility of changing your business for the better if you are wanting and willing to make a commitment to your employees well-being.