September 30, 2004

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects--QBQ

By: Jack @ 1:45 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

QBQ!: The Question Behind the Question, What to Really ask Yourself to Eliminate Blame, Complaining and Procrastination by John G. Miller, G. P. Putnam and Sons, 120 Pages, $19.95 Hardcover, September 2004, ISBN 0399152334
What book comes to mind when someone tells you about a book that can be read in an hour and will change your life? Who Moved My Cheese of course. But now there is QBQ. This book was originally published by Denver Press and sold over 300,000 copieswhich is a huge number for a self published book. It's plain to see why it sold so well. This is a book that can be instantly applied to not only yourself but your peers as well. The book advocates personal accountability. It is the direct antithesis of the phrase we all know so well: Its not my job. The author states:
"The Question Behind the Question (QBQ) is a tool that's been developed and refined over the years that helps individuals including me practice personal accountability by asking better questions. The benefit people enjoy the most about the QBQ, though, is a personal one: Once they start practicing QBQ thinking, things just seem to go better. People have more fun. Life is simply more satisfying and enjoyable for those who choose the way of personal accountability."
It is an engaging book, and the true spirit of QBQ is captured in Chapter 35, because it explains it so well; the spirit of QBQ is not asking why, when or who. But rather what or how. Focusing on yourself to solve problems, as well as to focus on action. An excellent example of what you will find in this book:
It is not about changing others. It is about making a difference by changing ourselves.
It is not about blaming the team, but about recognizing the power of one.
It is about adapting to change and developing ourselves.
It is about accomplishing goals with the tools and resources we have.
It is about making better choices.
It is brought to life when we ask What can I do to make a difference?
Folks, this book is going to be a huge best seller. It really strikes exactly the correct balance between a tool to use personally, and a tool to help your team or company become a more focused organization.