May 20, 2003

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Service Magic

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Service Magic: The Art of Amazing Your Customers by Ron Zemke and Chip Bell, Dearborn Trade Publishing, 260 Pages, $18.95 Paperback, May 2003, ISBN 0793164672
I love business books that give you up-front value. Books that have information that makes perfect sense, that show you the application to your business immediately. A book like this makes you want to share it with others. Service Magic has all of that and more! When you look at the pedigree of the authors, you shouldnt be surprised. These guys have written a ton of bestselling books. Zemke wrote the hugely successful Knock your Socks Off series, and Bell has written books like Managers as Mentors and Customers as Partners.
In Service Magic, they have put together an old-fashioned, easy, and fun-to-read primer on service. They not only have some great stories about the Nordstrom kind of service magic, they give examples from many organizations in many industriesfrom hospitality, financial services, health care, retail, to entertainment. Plus, the book is loaded with very practical ideas. The authors state:
The Service Magic Method is a technology and a set of tools, derived in part from the art and science of stage magic and in part from the art and science of service manage. Its about creating pleasant surprises for customers grown weary of bland, mundane and truculently impersonal serviceand keeping them coming back for more.
They tell a story of a retirement facility in Texas that has special amenities in the Alzheimers wing for the patients there. The facility created a 1950s style kitchen with a 1955 Maytag oven! The patients love to bake cookies as they remember doing long ago, then they watch old movies down the hall. That is just one of literally hundreds of stories to support Zemke and Bells premise that you need to create magic in your clients experiences. Service Magic is a highly recommended title that is written by some real pros.