August 3, 2006

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects: Small is the New Big

By: Jack @ 3:40 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Small Is the New Big: and 183 Other Riffs, Rants, and Remarkable Business Ideas
by Seth Godin, Portfolio, 352 pages, $25.95 hardcover.
Seth Godin's books are frequently featured in my reviews. Purple Cow is a classic. Free Prize Inside and All Marketers Are Liars were great. The Big Moo pulled together a great group (and all for the benefit of charity). His latest is no exception.
It's a compilation of Seth writings from over the last decade. You'll find pieces highlighted on his blog. There are essays from his days at "Fast Company". Some are short (a few sentences) and others go on for pages.
Who is Seth? I know you know the answer: a business writer and consultant. Here's a new twist; Seth would say he's in the business of selling fireworks.
[People] are stuck because society, or their bosses, or their spouses, or their co-workers won't let them do what they already know they should do. It's like their briefcases are filled with compressed propane, but they can't get anything to happen.
So that's where I come in. I bring fireworks with me. Not particularly loud or powerful ones, but fireworks capable of attracting attention--and, more important, igniting the propane you've already got.

I will personally attest to Seth and his fireworks. He has ignited more cans of explosive gas at the offices of 800ceoread than I can count. Read this book a few pages at a time, let the ideas form, and light that propane.
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