August 6, 2001

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Stuck at the Airport

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:34 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Stuck at the Airport: A Travelers Survival Guide by Harriet Baskas, Fireside Books, 275 Pages, $13.00 Paperback, June 2001, ISBN 0743205391
Harriet Baskas is often heard on NPR speaking knowledgeably about travel, and here, in Stuck at the Airport, she has written the perfect book for the friends of Jack Covert Selects. This little treasure will find an immediate place in your briefcase next to your PDA and cell phone.
In alphabetical order, Baskas offers us an individual listing of forty-six U.S., and eight international, airports. Each airport listing begins with a web address, then provides a one paragraph history of that airport. Baskas then goes in depth about the neat little treasures we have missed on all previous visits these airports. These treasures are divided up under five major categories: Get Oriented, Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Business, Explore the Airport, and Get into Town.
For example of this books wisdom, take note: LAX has an arrangement with a nearby Airport Hilton where you can work out, sauna, and shower for $10, and, it is open 24 hours. Id bet you didnt know about that little tidbit! Baskas will let you in on a number of other juicy secrets, like where you will to find the most comfortable chairs. For an example of best business services, Baskas says you need not look to Montreal, which has nothing except data ports and Internet kiosksunless you belong to an airline club.
I could go on and on, though I am sure you have seen the value of this book already. Think about it, for under $20, you will have something to do when your flight is delayed in Dallas and you have read all the current months magazines. I think so much of this book that I will offer you a no-charge return. Well, big deal, as all of our books are sold on a no-charge return. Regardless, this is a top-notch buy.