November 4, 2000

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - The Anatomy of Buzz

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The Anatomy of Buzz: How to Create Word of Mouth Marketing by Emanuel Rosen, Doubleday Currency Publishers, 270 Pages, $24.95 Hardcover, October 2000, ISBN 0385496672
One of this year's continuously bestselling books is The Tipping Point, which stemmed from a New Yorker article focusing on how trends reach a point and "tip", subsequently becoming phenomena. Word-of-month is an essential aspect of trend growth, and is the central concept behind The Anatomy of Buzz. Rosen defines 'buzz' as "the aggregate of all person-to-person communication about a particular product, service or company at any point in time." He continues: "Buzz is not about elegant advertising or glitzy trade shows. It's about what happens in the invisible networks- the interpersonal information networks that connect customers to each other. It is about what customers- the people who pay money for the products- tell each other about these products." This information is in the first 12 pages and got me fired up to finish the book.
The information Rosen presents is cutting edge. The book is divided into three parts: How Buzz Spreads; Success in the Networks; and Stimulating Buzz. I witnessed one of his examples of 'buzz' happen - it is the unique story of the book, Cold Mountain. Rosen recounts that the publisher created the initial buzz, then an "invisible network" of booksellers communicated with each other, and then early readers told other customers, and the book became an absolute bestseller.
Rosen has outdone himself. The publisher, too, has done a great job in designing the book. The book is loaded with pictures- it doesn't look like your French textbook- and uses sidebars to support the points. The last chapter of the book is called "Buzz Workshop" and is an implementation guide alone worth the $25.00 price of the book.