May 5, 2001

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - The Business of America

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The Business of America by John Steele Gordon, Walker & Company, 250 Pages, $26.00 Hardcover, June 2001, ISBN 0802713831
One of the real treats of this job is to pick up a book when you need something to keep yourself occupied, like while eating lunch or waiting at the doctors office, and finding an authentic treasure. John Steele Gordon is a frequent contributor on NPRs Marketplace and the writer of a column in American Heritage called The Business of America. This book is a collection of these columns. This immensely fun book belongs next to the most important place in the housethe toiletor, depending on what you regard as the most important place in the house, by the bed or in the briefcase for the usual waits at the airport). This book is also the perfect gift for the graduate this summer. Arent I helpful?
Seriously, Gordon writes about Sears before 1930 and the importance of Julius Rosenwald advice. He also illustrates how brilliant Desi Arnez was in his negotiations with CBS. He writes about how New York City wasnt the most active port in the US until around 1830, and how the mayor of New York suggested that New York join the south when it was seceding from the Union because of the importance of cotton to New Yorks economy.
Dont get me wrong, this book wont make you a million dollars or teach you how to turn around your, but it will make you smile and teach you stuff that is fun to know about business in America. Buy it.