January 20, 2002

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - The Mousedriver Chronicals

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The MouseDriver Chronicles: The True-Life Adventures of Two First-Time Entrepreneurs by John Lusk & Kyle Harrison, Perseus Publishing, 260 Pages, $24.00 Hardcover, January 2002, ISBN 0738205737
In short, we didnt do anything you couldnt do. Thats the point. Prologue, MouseDriver Chronicles.
One of the true joys of this job is talking with authors. I admire them, to be honest. These folks take an idea, a blank sheet of paper or computer screen, and embark on a process that, hopefully, creates a concrete regurgitation of what is going on in their heads. And to top it all off, they do this believing that somebody (maybe even many somebodies) will care. What an act of faith and courage! The writers process is not unlike Lusk and Harrisons first entrepreneurial endeavor. The mousedriver began when Kyle Harrison drew up their idea on a drink coaster with a borrowed pen: a computer mouse shaped like a golf club (a titanium driver, that is). Sounds lightweight, doesnt it? Well, not only have Lusk and Harrison exceeded their 2 million dollar projected earnings, and written a book, but they have proven here that dot.coms are not the only way to make a buck these days. The true gift of this book, the retelling of a brave journey, is the power behind the idea, the authors conviction. They believed, and I love people that believe.
When I talked with John Lusk, I knew he believed, and I knew I had to read this book. What a joy! This is the story of two Wharton MBAs who wanted to create a product, not just sign on to an investment bank or a consultancy after graduation. Life after the dot.coms? Sure. Obtaining a small investment, they took the leap into the entrepreneurial life. Most importantly here, during that first summer, they started a diary of their experiences, which was conceived to tell the truth of starting a business. Then that diary morphed into a sporadic newsletter to classmates and friends and became very popular. Now, we have The MouseDriver Chronicles. I dont want to imply that everything went perfectly for our entrepreneurial brethren. Nope, bad color, busted switches, and more caused them heartburnand give us an entertaining read.
As fun to read as it sounds, this book is a bit unexpected and a bit unorthodox. It is also loaded with extremely practical and helpful advice. As much as I enjoyed the book, this review was one of the hardest for me to write, not because the book wasnt inspiring, but because every other page has a paragraph that I want to tell you about. I guess youll just have to read the book. But, before I close out this review, I will ask you to scroll up to the top once again, and reread the quote Ive provided from the prologue. Need more inspiration? Pick up The MouseDriver Chronicles.