November 24, 2001

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - The Startup Garden

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The Startup Garden: How Growing a Business Grows You by Tom Ehrenfeld, McGraw Hill Publishers, 220 Pages, $18.95 Paperback, November 2001, ISBN 0071368248
I must start this off with the disclaimer that I havent made a habit of reading Entrepreneurial/Small Business books for JCS reviews because I assumed that most of youmy customerswerent really interested in small business books. In my desire to know my clients better, I have been connecting with some of you, and found out that inclusion of this type of book would really be appreciated. That said, I would have reviewed this book anyway, because this author can really write. This is the book that you will want to read when you are mulling over that brilliant idea for a new small business, and either arent convinced its as good an idea as you think it is, or not sure of what your next step is.
Ehrenfeld uses the garden as a metaphor through which he gives the reader real solid business principles. Identify the seed to grow; Nourish and feed the plant as it grows; Identify how to move from tending the plant to becoming a gardener, and more. He provides a step-by-step analysis of the business, and the financial, managerial, and marketing skills needed to make a dream business a reality. By including case studies, Ehrenfeld will make you confident that you too can be a successful small business owner. Also, at the end of each chapter, Ehrenfeld puts a huge amount of incredibly valuable information right at your fingertips. He not only has a takeaway section, he has quotes by successful business people, along with a Resources section that is the best I have seen. In this Resources section, not only does Ehrenfeld list books that add depth to his own chapter information, he gives a spot-on paragraph review of each book.
What really appealed to me about the book are the case studies, anecdotes, and especially his breezy, fun-to-read writing style. However, the real staying power of this book is in its resources and its ability to help you through all facets of owning and growing a small business.