July 28, 2003

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Your Marketing Sucks

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Your Marketing Sucks by Mark Stevens, Crown Business, 224 Pages, $24.00 Hardcover, July 2003, ISBN 0609609831
Author Mark Stevens certainly caught my attention with the title of his new book, Your Marketing Sucks. And just like the title, the slim book gets straight to the point in only 224 pages.
Stevens argues that marketing, like any other part of your business, should produce measurable results. Too many companies, he says, spend money on marketing programs that do not increase sales. So, instead of continuing these wasteful programs, marketing execs must re-evaluate them, and ask themselves, Does our marketing suck?
Dont worryStevens tells you how to know if your marketing does, in fact, suck. There is even a diagnostic test on-line! If you do need to re-vamp your programs, he tells you some very important misconceptions about marketing (creative ads do not necessarily mean effective ads), and what to shoot for (sales!isnt that why we have marketing programs?). Some of the points he brings up are very common sense, but so often overlooked. Stevens shows how to test, execute, and monitor your marketing; how to use integrated marketing; and how to market to existing customers, which is often easier and more fruitful than trying to gain new customers. I especially liked the chapter that tells you how to go from being a Lazy Marketer to an Extreme Marketer. I think it is the crux of the book, sharing ideas on risk-taking, leadership, and execution.
Writing with an honesty and straightforwardness that goes very well with his premise, Stevens uses many case studies of companies he has dealt with in his career as president of a successful marketing firm. As we sit in the middle of a recession, no company can afford to throw money at things that dont work. Every dollar countsincluding those used for marketing. If your marketing is costing more than it is netting, this is the book for you.