October 6, 2004

Jack Covert Selects: Lucky or Smart?

By: Jack @ 4:03 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

When I go to New York to meet publishing types, I always try and connect with Jonathan Karp. His title is Senior Vice President, Editor-in-Chief, Random House. He has acquired and edited some really good books. Seabiscuit was one of his books. Jon doesnt do a lot of business books but he sent me his latest title called Lucky or Smart? by Bo Peabody? I am just a few pages into it but the Table of Contents is such fun, I thought I would share it before I actually finished the book and write a Jack Covert Selects review on the book.
BTW, the book is being published in January and is 58 pages long and just loaded with fun, valuable information--real "rubber meets the road" stuff.
1 Lucky or Smart
2 Entrepreneurs are Born, not Made
3 Entrepreneurs are B-Students, Managers are A-Students
4 Great is the Enemy of Good
5 Start-Ups Attract Sociopaths
6 Practice Blind Faith
7 Learnt to Love the Word No
8 Prepare to be Powerless
9 The Best Defense is a Gracious Offense
10 Dont Believe Your own Press, In Fact, Dont Read it
11 Always be Selling Your Stock
12 Know What Your Dont Know