October 1, 2004

Jack Covert Selects: PR with bloggers

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 5:10 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

I know when have a lot of authors and publishing folks who read the blog. I want to point you to a post by Peter Davidson. In Tips for Pitching Books to Bloggers, Davidson takes John Zagula to task for his pitch of The Marketing Playbook. There are a number of bloggers who comment on his post, having also received the pitch.
I recommend reading it. Generating PR with bloggers is different. I have talked about this in the past.
In our case, John did something cool. He arranged a conversation with us. We talked about 800-CEO-READ and how what we were doing applied to some of the methodologies in the book.
BTW, we like the book. It will be one of the Jack Covert Selects in October.