August 19, 2005

Jack Covert Selects: We Need Your Help...

By: Jack @ 1:51 PM – Filed under: The Company

I know I dont post a lot but who can when you have a Todd (just kidding). I love his posts. I just wanted to say that the past 24 months have been amazing for me and 8cr. We have literally doubled our business in two years. We took a very rickety ecommerce site and created and launched our new site. Thanks Todd, Andy, Zach and Scott.
With success comes opportunities and we are at a crossroads. Lots of people want to associate themselves with us. I am afraid that this could change the personality of 8cr. Sometimes that can be a good thing. As we go to make decisions during this coming year we want to do it with you, our customers.
Everything makes more sense when it is presented in context. Most publishers offer programs to help market and promote books called coop advertising. The major publishers give booksellers a percentage of last years sales that they can use to promote/advertise their books. Amazon gets coop, B&N and Borders gets coop, and so do we. In the past, we had a newsletter called the Keen Thinker. For you really old customers you may remember our 32 page four color catalog called The Gazette. That is where coop was spent in the past.
This type of marketing seems so dated. We think there has been a fundamental change in where business books are bought. Amazon, the chains and us seem to be the new portals. Purchasers are also spending a lot of time online as our growth shows.
This brings me to why I am writing to you. We would like to use our ecommerce site to give publishers the opportunity to showcase business books to you. We are still throwing around ideas of how to do this. We are thinking of a single banner ad on the top of the front page and small ads on the product pages.
There will be rules. The ads would need to be tasteful. The ads would be well marked as such. The ads would only be on our ecommerce site, none of the blogs. The advertising would not influence my choices for Jack Covert Selects, Changethis, or any of our other recommendations.
What do you think? We are really listening.