November 4, 2005

New Releases: HUGE NEWS: Jim Collins releasing new material

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:12 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Jim Collins is releasing a 42 page monograph titled Good To Great and Social Sectors. This is something we had heard was in the works for some time.

There has been a huge audience in the non-profit sector for Good to Great and there was some discussion about adding this material to the book. Jim Collins didn't think it was right to ask folks to buy a whole new book just to get the new material. This short piece is written to address questions that social sector organizations have asked since the GTG was released.

So, he self-published this new work as a separate paperback which will be distributed by HarperCollins. It will also only be available at online retailers.

The monograph will start shipping November 15th. You can place your preorders now.

We should have copies early next week and we'll give you our thoughts then.

P.S. None of the other guys even have it listed on their sites. You hear it here first!!! :)

P.P.S. A monograph is a scholarly piece of writing of essay or book length on a specific, often limited subject.